Thursday, December 4, 2008

Remember The National Mathematics Advisory Panel?

Here is what some of our country's leading newspapers have to say about the way our kids are being taught their math. I find it troubling that it appears this study was not considered when we took our 3rd and 4th graders head long into Investigations without any supplements. Check out these articles published in 2008. The more I read, the more I question WHY and HOW did this happen to our kids. Keep in mind folks, this information comes from our Department of Education THIS YEAR!

So, for those of you who say..."my kid is doing great, the math seems fine to me.."you had better wake up and read what our government is saying today about this method of teaching. These articles each speak to the findings of the DOE's final report.

Report Urges Changes in Teaching Math - New York Times

A solution to how to teach math: Subtract -

Panel Urges Schools to Emphasize Core Math Skills -