Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Do You Like Them Apples?

For those of you at the school board meeting last night, thank you. We did learn some news that confused all of us in attendance. We learned that Osage Beach Elementary School's 3rd and 4th grades are supplementing with Rocket Math, and Hurricane Deck Elementary School's 3rd and 4th grade are supplementing with Rocket Math also. In addition Dogwood, Hurricane Deck, and Osage Beach Elementary Schools' grades K - 2 are also supplementing with Rocket Math. The only 3rd and 4th graders NOT being offered supplements outside of the curriculum in our district are our Hawthorn students. This is unacceptable! After three months of begging for strong supplements for our children in Hawthorn we have only been met with frustration and no real definitive direction on what those will be. HOW UNFAIR IS THIS? HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

For those of you wondering what Rocket Math is...it teaches the basics. It is "drill and kill". It is traditional math. (It is everything we have been asking for in recent weeks...we just had no idea that it was being used for some, but not ALL kids in our district.)

How can it be recognized that Everyday Math and Investigations cannot "stand alone" and require supplementation for all other elementary students in our district other than the kids in Hawthorn and Oak Ridge? WHAT? WHO DECIDED THIS FOR OUR CHILDREN? Once again...what is going on? How can this be fair? Why is there not equality? Why is there not the same quality of education offered for all children? Someone now tell us that our children ARE NOT GUINEA PIGS? YOU WILL NOT CONVINCE US THAT OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT YOUR EXPERIMENT!!!! We let our school board know that we fully object and EXPECT the same treatment for our children in Hawthorn. The question was also asked...why is this just now becoming public information? There was no answer for this question. Big surprise.

Parents, make your voice heard. Let our district officials know how ridiculously unfair this is! CALL THEM AND DEMAND THE SAME FOR OUR CHILDREN IN HAWTHORN AND OAK RIDGE. Our 5th and 6th graders MUST have supplements also. This is ridiculous. Let your voices be heard! What is good for one is good for all, don't you think?