Friday, January 16, 2009


Thank you for hearing us and acting so swiftly to make sure that our children in Hawthorn and Oak Ridge were rescued. Thank you for making sure that those children will now be offered what all others have had all year long. We appreciate your attention to this very urgent matter.

There will be a special session of the school board to discuss math on Monday morning at 7:30am. I know that, for most of you, it will be impossible to make this meeting. Don't worry. I will be there to let you know what those answers to all of our questions are. However, the most important first step has been taken. Our children have been given what they need to ensure that they will have a fighting chance and not miss out on this next half of the school year.

Let your school board members know that you appreciate their swift attention to this matter following the Monday night meeting. We sincerely appreciate their willingness to make sure all children are offered the same quality of education in our district.