Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today I am frustrated. I have been researching by calling all of these schools who some of our administrators and teachers have been name dropping as "successes" in our area with this math that we are now using. I am confused.... Let's go through them school by school:

Ozark: Not using Investigations AT ALL. Currently looking for a new math curriculum.

Nixa: Does use Investigations, but supplements with any and everything they need to make sure their kids are "getting their math basics".

Rolla: k-4 Does not use Investigations AT ALL.

Eldon: Does use Investigations, but just purchased Scott Foresman to supplement because they did not believe the Investigations was meeting their GLEs.

Raymore Peculiar: A school that we have tried to emulate. (Teachers, you especially know what I am talking about.) Elementary Schools. ** Eagle Glenn (Intermediate Grades 5-6)
Does NOT use Investigations...AT ALL.
Using Scott Foresman, "Envisions "(Principal said that due to parents complaining and, more importantly, the junior high school teachers complaints that the children were reaching junior high school totally mathematically unprepared, they dropped and have returned to a more traditional approach.)
** Timbercreek (Ray Pec) Elementary (Grades k-4)
Dropped it and are NOT USING IT AT ALL!

People, let these messages speak loud and clear. If it is so wonderful then why have all of these schools who were supposed to be thriving with this curriculum all dropped it or are now supplementing?
Remember Columbia, too, dropped it!!!

If it is not good enough for any of them why is it good enough for us?
We want for our kids to learn real math. We want a traditional math curriculum back by the first of the year. We do not want the existing curriculum to be our core! It may be a fine supplement, BUT NOT OUR CORE! We want to see traditional math back ASAP, K-6 sooner than later before any more damage is done. We will have petitions online soon, and will let you know the details of our parent/community chili supper forum just as soon as we nail down a location.