Saturday, November 22, 2008


I had a very nice conversation with Dr. Overlander yesterday morning. I continually am impressed with how diplomatic he has been through this whole experience. He wants to hear from his parents and I am convinced that he cares. We are so lucky to have a top administrator who will listen....really listen. Our administration is trying to take steps now to "remedy" our concerns. Last week the teachers had "math meetings" in order to introduce supplements to our 3rd and 4th graders in particular. I think they are trying to define those words "basics" and "supplements" in order for all to be on the same page. So...we are making steps in the right direction. Thank you Dr. Overlander.

Now, we need to hear from parents and teachers with reference to "is this enough?" What will satisfy you? I will say this...I believe from endless hours of research and talking to teachers whom I trust and admire that there are good points to Investigations and Everyday Math (and without a doubt they are necessary components of the MAP tests whether we like it or not). I have said that from the beginning. There are good elements in the curriculum, however, I do not believe those should be our core. I believe in balance. I believe that the Scott Foresman had a terrific Balance (PLEASE TRY TO GET ONLINE AND CHECK THOSE BOOKS OUT OR TRY TO GET A COPY TO LOOK AT) of both traditional math practice and the Investigations component to satisfy all. I believe to call the Investigations our core and continue to handcuff teachers to the spiraling method of teaching without mastery is dangerous. I believe that if all of the schools that I have been talking to have dropped Investigations (especially our model schools Raymore Peculiar and Columbia) we should sit up and take note of that. I also have to believe that if the teachers and administrators in Eldon had concerns that the Investigations was not meeting their GLEs (grade level expectations) then how could it possibly be meeting ours? I must take into consideration what all of the many, many experts across our nation have said and realize that California and Texas do not allow these curricula in their states. The more I research the more I have to say, we should approach this with careful thought and decide what we think is best for our children. Let me hear from you.

(Notice: My husband is cutting me off from the computer for the next two days. This will be the last post for me until Tuesday. I will not be able to moderate and post your comments until then. Please go ahead and comment, just don't look for them to hit until Tuesday. I will get to all of them then.) He is making me take a break from math curriculum for a couple of days so I can get caught up on the laundry.:)

(Note #2: I will let you know when and where our parent/community forum will be held. I will be doing the power point presentation again for those of you who are asking and did not get to see it. That presentation will educate you and show you what our kids are learning. It will explain in great detail what this is and why you should be worried. We will also make it a chili supper with child care so as many people as possible can make it. We will try to keep it as brief yet informative as possible. I will keep you posted. )