Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whatever happened to practice???

Let's see...write a "story" about 352-168? 2 whopping "practice problems". Where are the numbers?
This is the Investigations for third grade our kids are doing now.
This is what our kids are using for practice right now.

Notice from the old book, there are still 2 problems that ask for a written explanation, however, there is BALANCE!!!!! There is practice...there are word problems...THERE ARE NUMBERS!!!
This sheet is taken from the exact books that we got rid of...this is what the practice page for third graders LOOKED like.

Also NOTE: Our kids had text books then so we the parents knew what was going on and HOW to help....they could bring home a cd to do extra practice and play math games on the computer if they needed extra help with our old textbooks ...NONE OF THAT IS AVAILABLE NOW WITH THIS NEW CURRICULUM. (I am specifically referring to 3rd and 4th grade where the teachers were told NOT to supplement with anything other than Investigations, and every teacher in those grade levels had their old textbooks and all of their old reference guides taken from them.)
Which would you rather your kid be doing?
I know my kids would probably opt for the easy route...that is why many people say that their kids are "liking" the new math. But, is it really teaching them anything? If the old saying "practice makes perfect" rings true....our kids are in real trouble. Just thought you might find it interesting that we learned that our neighbors in Eldon who are using Investigations math just purchased the exact same kind of books that we got rid of last year to SUPPLEMENT with because their kids needed more solid content. They did not believe Investigations was meeting their GLEs (grade level expectations). WOW!

For all of those who showed up at the forum...thank you! For all of the calls today asking how to help, we are planning our next "forum" for parents and the community. I will keep you posted. We are planning a chili supper with child care to be held in 2 weeks. This way you can grab a bite to eat after work. We will keep it as brief, yet as informative as possible. Once again, thank you for all of the support! This will probably take place the week after Thanksgiving. Stay posted for the details and tell your friends.